A New Breed of Punks has Stormed the Gates of Rome

8 min readApr 22, 2021

Welcome to an alternate dimension where the Roman Empire never fell to the barbarians, but was invaded by punks, the undead, nonhumans and time travelers.

RomanPunks is a movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic.

RomanPunk = Cyberpunk + Steampunk + Dieselpunk + Cryptopunk

Although RomanPunks were inspired in party by the OG Cryptopunks, they have since transmogrified the definition of what it means to be an ‘Ethereum punk’.

SPQR in RomanPunk stands for “Slackers”, “Punks”, “Queens” and “Rebels”

RomanPunks are the new generation of NFT blockchain punk.

This Punk Empire transcends space and time; and RomanPunks are always down for a psychedelic toga rave!

What are RomanPunks?

1,000 RomanPunks have been frozen in time and permanently minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Emperors, generals, plebs, centurions, soldiers, gladiators, funky equestrians and glam patricians are among the diverse range of characters represented in this eclectic community.

RomanPunks Are Here for a Good Time. . . AND a Long Time


Every RomanPunk character is a hand-drawn 48×48 image on Pixaki app on an iPad pro.

Then they are enlarged to 480×480 on Photoshop and stored as an ERC-1155 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each one is unique, carefully crafted with a number of attributes that have varying degrees of rarity.

RomanPunks have a very carefully selected set of properties that are based on historical and cultural interest
Some characters have extremely rare qualities, if you look closely you can try and guess which ones are going to be the rarest, and which characters have the most rare qualities included.

A Cast of 1,000 Characters

Who are these mysterious RomanPunks who exhibit great diversity of style and personality? Well, they consist of a few famous real people from history and pop culture as well as a large number of commoners from different ranks of society that reflects the social structures of ancient Rome.

Watch for the UNIQUE ASTRONAUT RomanPunk Drop!


The vast majority of RomanPunks are common, and they fit into one of the following 9 categories.

Patrician- the ‘elite’ of society — high status and wealthy RomanPunks who generally look down on everyone else.

Common Patrician Man

Equestrian- your typical ‘upper-middle-class’ snobs who spend more time enjoying life than they do actually working

Common Equestrian Lady

Plebeian- the average, every day joe shmoes of society — hard working folk who get by on an honest day’s work

Common Plebeian Lady

Peregrinae- the RomanPunks who move around and typically originate from places far away from the capital.

Common Peregrinus

Soldier- your common footsoldier, with a variety of weapons and facial expressions that convey emotions that only a soldier and a punk can feel.

Common Soldier

Centurion- a middle ranking officer who leads a small group of soldiers; they are generally quite FABULOUS!

Common Centurion

Freedman- a former slave who was granted his freedom; they generally live a simple life, but like to show off their freedom to the world

Common Freedman

Slave/Gladiator- these poor unfortunate punks must try to make it through life without their freedom.

Common Gladiator — Murmillo Class
Common Gladiator — Scissor Class
Common Gladiator — Retiarius Class
Common Gladiator —Hoplomachus Class

Servant Woman- the typical servant who tends to the every needs of wealthy folk

Common Servant Woman with RARE cyber eye


Some RomanPunk citizens have been infiltrated by or transformed into a range of nonhuman and undead creatures

Ape- believed to come from a dimension that is populated entirely by apes, the RomanPunk apes have taken the places of common citizens and act naturally in the roles they have assumed.

Ape Centurion

Cyborg- living tissue over metal endoskeleton, there are some cyborgs that live among the RomanPunks. Unfortunately, their facial skin peeled off from the interdimensional journey, yet they still attempt to integrate fully with the common folk.

Cyborg Soldier

Vampire- these bloodthirsty creatures are typically seen looking pale faced and hungry for their next feed

Vampire Centurion

Zombie- we’re not sure, but it’s possible that a dimension exists where a plague has created a race of undead beings. Some of them ended up in the ranks of the RomanPunks

Zombie Patrician Lady

Alien- how they got here, we do not know, but they creep the hell out of all the RomanPunks

Alien Centurion

Animalia- who doesn’t love cute and cuddly creatures? A whole range of bestiary have found their way into the RomanPunk community.

Tiger in the Gladiator Arena


A number of famous citizens from the original Roman dimension exist. So do many from pop culture, science fiction and literature.

Julius Caesar
Hypatia of Alexandria
Ted? From San Dimas?


Yes, many of the great Roman gods including Jupiter, Bellona, Venus, Saturn and Neptune prosper within the realm of the RomanPunks.

Mars, God of War (as Elon Musk w/ “BORING” Flamethrower)
Saturn, God of Propserity
Bellona, Goddess of War

“Friends, RomanPunks, countrymen, lend me your ETH!”

The purchase price increases with a bonding curve to reward early supporters so that more people will adopt the RomanPunks into their cyber spaces.

To build a community and encourage collecting and trading, we have designed the pricing model to be competitive and allow for new collectors to obtain their own RomanPunk.


Commoners 1–100 : 0.01 ETH

Commoners 101–200 : 0.02 ETH

Commoners 201–300 : 0.03 ETH

Commoners 301–400 : 0.04 ETH

Commoners 401–500 : 0.05 ETH

Commoners 501–600 : 0.06 ETH

Commoners 601–700 : 0.07 ETH

Commoners 701–800 : 0.08 ETH

Commoners 801–999 : 0.09 ETH

Nonhuman/Undead : 0.1 ETH

Famous Tier 1 : 1 ETH

Famous Tier 2 : 2 ETH

Famous Tier 3 : 3 ETH

Some RomanPunks are punkier than others…

But every RomanPunk is unique!

Be sure to catch the ones you like, because you never know when a one-of-a-kind trait will pop up.

Pyrrhus and Mithridates

Why get a NFT? Why get a RomanPunk?​

Think of NFT as trading card games for adults who love collecting and have some spare Ethereum in their wallets. NFT is massively trending and now is the time to join the party!

NFT changes the way that people collect and trade art, and we are convinced it is here to stay. Digital wallets make it easy to show off your art collection and creations to the world. It’s art collecting for a world increasingly more structured on virtual experiences.

Trading art has never been so easy! Art is a new form of investment for the people.

As for why RomanPunks? Well, maybe you want a RomanPunk because you are Roman? Or like us, you are obsessed with history? Or you just think that they look really cool and want to show off your collection to your friends and family for years to come.

“Drunk Scientist” is a custom RomanPunk for ‘Drunk Science’, winner of a Twitter contest

About Us

We are a couple! A “couple” of art, history and crypto buffs.

(Cleo)punktra is a professional illustrator and designer.

Punktav(Ian) is a historian, technophile and educator.

Check us out on Discord


Buying NFT for the first time, how can I get started?

Get a Metamask chrome extension. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase Pro or Paypal. Finally, click the button on the Sticky banner and approve the transaction on Metamask. Voila!

Are RomanPunks a good investment?

Well, first of all, RomanPunks are not Renoir, Delacroix or even Warhol… it depends. Decide for yourself. If you can afford to support our art, then we encourage you to do so, but don’t spend any money you don’t have! We do not provide financial advice.

How can I trade my RomanPunks?

RomanPunks adhere to the ERC-1155 standard so you can trade them on OpenSea.

What can I do with my RomanPunks?

You own your RomanPunks digitally and are free to do anything with them.

Feedback and purchase issues

If there are issues, DM us on Twitter with your Etherscan transaction and we will be sure to take a look!

How can I help?

We are still in an early stage and still figuring things out. We really appreciate it if you help share this project!

Future plans?

TBD. At this point, RomanPunks are just tradable art like many other NFTs. However, we are working on more features for this website and based on feedback from the community, RomanPunks can grow into something much more!

Join the RomanPunk Empire!





RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk-derivative world building project run by a woman artist and a history buff.