A RomanPunk Sandbox 3D Colosseum Experience

3 min readDec 2, 2021


Catch a first glimpse at the RomanPunk Sandbox P2E Colosseum Experience

The RomanPunks team is hard at work preparing a Sandbox P2E experience on a 1x1 plot of land to coincide with the official launch of The Sandbox playable game in Q1/Q2 2022.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.

Read More about the The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform and how it it set up with VoxEdit, GameMaker and NFT Marketplace; and how it utilizes different tokens including $SAND, the native ERC-20 token, LAND, which is in space as an ERC-721 NFT upon which experiences can be built, and ASSETS, which are ERC-1155 NFTs that are traded and can be used in the game.

The Sandbox Main Tokens

RomanPunks Sandbox Colosseum

The RomanPunks team has been working on developing a fully sized colosseum on a 1x1 plot of land. Inspired by the actual Roman Colosseum design, the RomanPunk Colosseum has been resized to fit on a 1x1 sized Sandbox plot.

View of the fighting floor and Emperor’s box in the RomanPunk Colosseum

When first conceptualizing the project, we considered how to model the design of the colosseum and encountered the LEGO model, which inspired us to craft the design.

If a colosseum can be made with LEGO bricks, why not with Sandbox tiles?

Since RomanPunks is cyberpunk-derivative, retro-futuristic project, we have taken the basic design of the colosseum and will embellish it with colours, materials and accessories that fit with the cyberpunk aesthetic and fit the look and feel of the RomanPunk project.

The RomanPunk Colosseum will be a superlative location for “Romanesque Cyberpunk” PVP battles to occur

Although the actual RomanPunk colosseum is oval shaped, we have had to redesign it to fit in a 1x1 Sandbox plot.

Top Down view of the Colosseum dome

A single 1x1 plot of LAND is 96 metres in width by 96 metres in length, making it a perfect square. They are also 128 metres in height.

While there is 96 meter width limit, we can do a great deal more with the additional 128 meters of height.

The 96 meter square limits the size of the colosseum, and what we can do outside and around the space. But the generous 128 meters in height allows us to make basement levels and sky platforms.

Basement 1 consists of a Gladiator prison, dungeons and a maze
Basement 2 is a placid, peaceful area that can be used as a Social Hub, and for meeting NPCs to gain quests and battles
The arena floor itself is a spacious area that has trap doors leading down into the dungeon area.
Seating for the Empress, Emperor and their entourage.
Upper levels with glass floors, complex staircases and space for further upward development onto sky platforms (under development)

NFT Voxel Characters & Avatars

One of our RomanPunk “Punktorian Guard” WAX fighters
RomanPunk#379 — the NFT upon which the above voxel piece is based: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/36818348377358646520056808092832009918211533629200476874667012554648769789953
Development of the 3D Punktorian Gladius Sword in VoxEdit
Development of the 3D Punktorian Parma Shield in VoxEdit

NFT Component Assets

A look at some of the 3d NFT assets already developed for placement in the Colosseum experience

Location, Location, Location

We have 2 disconnected plots on different parts of the map, so the location of the colosseum will be on 1 of our 2 plots.

The locations of RomanPunks land holdings in the Sandbox

Quests and Gameplay


P2E Model


PVP Mode





RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk-derivative world building project run by a woman artist and a history buff.