Buy ‘#2 Mint’ RomanPunk WAX Trading Card NFTs for PIXEL Token

Get #2 Mints on Pixel Shop NFT with PIXEL Token!

‘pixelshopnft’ on Atomic Hub is where all #2 mint RomanPunks are EXCLUSIVELY available

What are RomanPunk WAX Trading Card NFTs?

What is PIXEL Token?

Check out Pixel Labs at
View the Details of the PIXEL Token here:

How many PIXEL Tokens does it cost to buy a #2 RomanPunk WAX NFT?

Pricing in PIXEL for #2 Mints of RomanPunk WAX Trading Card NFTs

TUTORIAL — How to acquire PIXEL and Buy RomanPunk #2 Mints

Step 1. Open Wax Cloud Wallet Home Page
Step 2. Scroll to Bottom. Under Tokens, click MANAGE
Step 3. Click Add Custom Token
Step 4. Paste the following

Token Symbol = PIXEL
Decimal Places = 4
Token Contract = penguincoins
Token Name = PIXEL
Token Image = QmbPrkAKvA3TjVPUQg3cuDu7iJGdvMxrvFE1geLvE2LAwQ


When you click SEND you will see a dropdown of your available tokens.

1. Open Anchor Wallet
2. From Account Overview Screen click the Tokens Tab
3. Click Manage Tracked Tokens
4. Click Add Custom Token
5. Use the following
Contract Account Name = penguincoins
Contract Asset Symbol = PIXEL
6. Click Confirm Token Addition

Use as normal. You will now see a dropdown menu for PIXEL token in your Transfer Tokens menu.

1. Navigate to

2. Log In (Top Right Corner)

3. Use the dropdown menu to select PIXEL as the token to send

1. Navigate to
2. Log In (Top Right Corner)
3. Choose the amount of PIXEL you want to buy/sell and click SWAP


Step 1. Navigate here to View Inventory —

Step 2. Select the NFT you want to purchase and Copy the Asset ID ->

Step 3. Send the PIXEL token to the wax address pixelshopnft with the Asset ID in the memo ->

** if you don’t have PIXEL token added to your cloud/anchor wallet you can send it directly thru here ->


* If everything is correct it will send the NFT to your wallet.
* If the price/amount is wrong it will tell you the correct price.
* All prices are updated in this article above: 25,000 for Common, 37,000 for Rare, 50,000 for Epic, 100,000 for Legendary
* If you need to acquire PIXEL token you can purchase it here ->



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