Introducing the “Catacombs” RPG

Jul 7, 2021


Battle the RomanPunks in our new Discord RPG

The “Catacombs” is customized from a global Discord-based RPG bot that awards experience points and quests to players for engaging in the RomanPunks Discord.

The Catacombs uses DueUtil, a global RPG bot with a customizable system.

Battle other players & quests to gain EXP, stats and in-game cash rewards!

Create Your Character
Get quests that randomly spawn for interacting in the Discord
Quests pop up in the chat every now and again
Calculate the strength of your enemies
Battle your opponents
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you win!
Increase Your level
Purchase custom RomanPunk weapons
Battle against your friends (and enemies)
Rise to the top of the leaderboard
Win awards for playing
Customize your profile banners and backgrounds
Defeat rare enemies and win prizes (such as free RomanPunk NFTs!)

Join Discord to Play:




RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk-derivative world building project run by a woman artist and a history buff.