Live NFT Gladiatorial Games!

RomanPunk gladiators are back and ready to rumble! Join us on Twitch TV for LIVE battles and NFT giveaways!

Tournament History

The inaugural Summer of Gladiators tournament was held in the RomanPunks Discord from June to August, 2021. Owners of RomanPunk NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain engaged in weekly dice battles in an elimination challenge to decide the winner of the epic Cyclops NFT.

The grand prize winner of the Summer of Gladiators tournament was awarded the one and only CYCLOPS NFT

How to Enter

There is more than one way to enter the Live Gladiatorial Games. Owners of both ETH and WAX NFTs are qualified to take part.

  • Own a RomanPunk ETH NFT with one of the following types: ‘centurion’, ‘soldier’, or ‘gladiator’.
  • Own a RomanPunk WAX NFT that is included in the ‘fighter’ schema.

Match Schedule

Fights will be scheduled frequently — at least once a week, but up to 5 times per week — follow us on Twitch and Discord for announcements.

  • Introduction → project updates and
  • Barracks Brawl → head to head between “SOLDIER” type NFTs
  • Arena Duel → head to head between “GLADIATOR” type NFTs
  • Century Battle → head to head between “CENTURION” type NFTs
  • Intermissionfun streaming giveaways through UEBS
  • Royal Rumble → all 3 of the above winners fight to the death

Fighter Selection

For each match, fighters will be selected at random using a picker wheel.

Battle System

Battles are conducted with a simple dice roll in order to allow for quick decisions and multiple matches.

A basic dice roll is used to calculate the winners. The number of dice each fighter gets is determined by their ATK rating.
Initially, only the attack stats will be used; however, as the battle system evolves and becomes more automated, defense and speed will be incorporated

Awards and Prizes

WAX players are awarded prizes for winning each match, each day and each tournament:

  • Various RomanPunk WAX NFTs are awarded to the winner of each match.
  • Legendary RomanPunk WAX NFTs are awarded to the winners of each day.
  • Ethereum RomanPunk NFTs and Mythical RomanPunk WAX NFTs are awarded to the winners of each tournament.
  • Ethereum RomanPunk NFTs are awarded to the TOP 3 winners at the end of each tournament
Mythical NFT WAX cards will be awarded to tournament winners

Tournament Seasons

Each season will last 8 weeks, during which time all the victories will be tallied for both WAX and ETH players.

  1. Grab an Ethereum RomanPunk on OpenSea with the property type: centurion, gladiator or soldier:[sortAscending]=true&search[sortBy]=PRICE&search[stringTraits][0][name]=Type&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=Soldier&search[stringTraits][0][values][1]=Gladiator&search[stringTraits][0][values][2]=Centurion
  2. Grab a WAX RomanPunk fighter ‘pack’ off Nefty Blocks (starting November 4th at 4:00pm EAT):
  3. Grab a WAX RomanPunk fighter or pack off the secondary market on Atomic Hub:



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