Play on Discord, Earn RomanPunk WAX NFT Trading Cards

Now you can hang out, interact and play in our Discord and EARN free WAX NFTs from the new RomanPunk Trading Cards collection!

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Play our simple Catacombs RPG and get rewarded with RomanPunk WAX Trading Cards when you complete quests.

Playing “Catacombs” (DueUtil) RPG and “Monte Carlo” casino games on RomanPunks Discord gets you rewarded with WAX RomanPunk Trading Card NFTs!

Play Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Horse Racing and more in our Monte Carlo Casino and redeem your winnings for RomanPunk WAX Trading Cards

Catacombs — “The Punks Aren’t Alright”

A bunch of wild youth are on the loose! Act fast and scoop them up before it’s too late!

10 of each character will be awarded to the first players to encounter and defeat the quests.

The quests have a low spawn rate (1%), so regular interaction in the Discord (chatting, playing casino and other games, etc.) is needed to ‘find’ and complete the quests.

Quests are sorted and will spawn according to your player level. If you are outside the levels indicated, the quests will not spawn.

LEVEL 6–10— Photius Varus

LEVEL 11–15 — Lucretia Flaccus

LEVEL 16–20 — Wido Mancinus

LEVEL 21–25 — Charon Salinator

LEVEL 26–30 — Hera Nerva

Level 31+ — TBA

More to come!

Monte Carlo — “Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal”

Collecting income and playing Discord casino games to earn ‘nazar-coin’ “🧿” now has an additional benefit! Earnings can be used to buy items in the store that can be redeemed for RomanPunk WAX Trading Card NFTs.

5,000,000 🧿 — Random Common NFT

20,000,000 🧿— Random Rare NFT

40,000,000 🧿— Random Epic NFT

80,000,000 🧿— Random Legendary NFT

Players can access the store by typing $store
Players can purchased items by typing $buy <item>

The more you interact in the RomanPunks Discord, the more you are rewarded!

Don’t forget about our “Vestal Punks” competition, either.

At the time of writing, 8 Free Vestal Punk NFTs have still yet to be redeemed.

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