WAX & RomanPunk NFTs

Crypto’s favorite retro futuristic, alternate history, cyberpunk derivative worldbuilding project finds is way to the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX)!

RomanPunk NFT Trading Cards Coming Soon to WAX Blockchain!

“It’s AD 410, the Goths are sacking the city of Rome. A rift in the fabric of space-time occurs at the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. Suddenly multiple dimensions collide and coalesce. Time travelers and space farers exist alongside terrestrials who had previously lived thousands of years apart. The world is now a fractured patchwork of time and space with Rome at the center of it all. The world is now RomanPunk.”

RomanPunks is a movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic. Its cast of 1,000 pop culture & historical inspired characters live eternally on the Ethereum blockchain

And now…

Our WAX address is: romanpunksio — check us out on Atomic Hub

RomanPunks were born on Ethereum, but have come alive on WAX. While the original OpenSea RomanPunk NFTs are all 1:1 (max 1,000 supply), there are far more WAX NFTs available (although the exact number has yet to be revealed).

Higher volume allows for many more collectors to acquire RomanPunk NFTs while making them more accessible and affordable. Furthermore, the efficiency of the WAX blockchain + higher mint numbers allows for greater utility and gamification — next steps in the RomanPunk development project timeline.

“Common” cards are white/gray and will have the highest max volume

The core of the RomanPunk NFT collection is a series of characters — individual beings who exist in the RomanPunk alternate dimension.

Each character belongs to both a ‘type’ and a ‘race’, which are the key attributes used to identify and classify that individual.

Types are further classfied into ‘civilian’, ‘fighter’ and ‘famous’ classes.

Types and races will be important for gamification utility and blending/breeding throughout the project life cycle.

‘Rarity’, ‘Type’, and ‘Race’ are the 3 key attributes that are used to distinguish RomanPunk Character Cards

All RomanPunk trading cards will fall into 1 of 5 rarities from ‘mythical’ being the least common to ‘common’ being the most ubiquitous.

Rarities will be important for adding collector value to the RomanPunk NFTs, but also for blending and game utility (e.g. cards of higher rarity will have better stats in the arena).

While ‘character’ cards are the essence of the RomanPunks WAX collection, there will be other non-character cards minted for utility, collectability and promotional purposes.

For example, ‘fighting’ character NFTs can be blended with the appropriate ‘weapon’ NFT to mint a fighter who qualifies for battles in the gladiator arena.

Also To Be Included:

  • Symbols and objects on cards will be created for ‘treasure hunt’ style quests.
  • Locations will also appear (i.e. Roman colosseum, Egyptian pyramids, etc.) to develop the RomanPunk setting for collectors as well as for use in various blends and gamification.

Further details to be announced in a future post.

Drops will be planned and announced ahead of time, giving new collectors ample opportunity to join.

Drops will be done as individual NFTs, sets and ‘packs’ of random NFTs.

Further details to be announced in a future post.

RomanPunks exists on both ETH and WAX. All ETH collectors will be rewarded for their investment.

Further details to be announced in a future post.

  • Arming Fighters! — match the fighter with the correct weapon and you’ll create a fighting NFT that can be used in the rena
  • Cupid’s Arrow Treasure Hunt! — mate the right two characters together and you’ll produce a new character of , first to do so gets the mint number 1 of that character and the matchingETH NFT

Further details coming soon in the next upcoming post.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! RomanPunks is an indie project owned and operated by a husband/wife team with the support of a dedicated Discord community!

NFT is an acronym that stands for Non Fungible Token. These are digital items which use blockchain technologies to prove their uniqueness. You can own and trade NFTs digitally, just as you would physical collectibles.

RomanPunk NFTs live on the WAX blockchain as well as the Ethereum blockchain.

RomanPunks is a crypto world-building movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic.