RomanPunk NFT Collector Profit Sharing Incentive

Holders of RomanPunk Ethereum NFTs entitled to 15% of monthly revenue from “Romanpunksio” WAX Collection

Introducing profit sharing incentive to encourage sales of OpenSea RomanPunks to finance WAXP collection

We at RomanPunks believe in building a special community of eager and supportive collectors who are both passionate participants in RomanPunk activities and/or long term HODLers of our OpenSea NFTs.

As a result, we have devised a scheme to award the HODLers of our Ethereum NFTs on OpenSea with monthly dividends from profits generated on our WAXP collection on Atomic Hub.

  • 10% DIVIDEND of total monthly gross sales of the “romanpunksio” collection on AtomicHub/WAX to be distributed equally to holder wallets of all 1,000 RomanPunk NFTs.
  • 5% BONUS of total monthly gross sales of the “romanpunksio” collection on AtomicHub/WAX randomly awarded to 1 wallet — winner to verified through <<insert name of blockchain VRF system here>>

Note: Process for dividend payments to be announced at a later date. Bonus payment will be airdropped manually as ETH.

  • Continue to mint new RomanPunk ETH and WAX NFTs
  • Promote sales of ETH collection with this WAXP profit sharing incentive
  • Incorporate WAX pack drops and blends to encourage further interest and sales for ‘romanpunkio’ WAX collection
  • Utilize sales of ETH collection to bankroll further development of the romanpunksio to include gameplay, staking and mining on WAX blockchain
  • August 2021 — announce profit sharing / announce <<insert name of blockhain VRF system here>> integration
  • September 2021 — introduce limited RomanPunk WAX NFT Pack Drops
  • October 2021 — ‘Gladiatorial Games’ community activities & introduction of RomanPunk WAX card blend utility
  • November 2021 —complete of all 1,000 ETH RomanPunks on OpenSea
  • December 2021 —release remaining WAX pack drop
  • January 2022 — First dividend paid to ETH RomanPunk holders based on total WAX profits to date

Please follow us at the links below and join our Discord for more detailed explanation and to answer any questions you may have about the plan.

RomanPunks is a crypto world-building movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic.