The Jupiter Raffle: a RomanPunk NFT Giveaway Powered by Chainlink VRF

RomanPunk#500 — Jupiter is a divine witness to blockchain oaths and smart contracts
100 RomanPunk avatars with the property: ‘Type: VRF1’ qualify as ‘raffle tickets’ for the Jupiter draw
Own an NFT with Type: VRF1 and it will be entered to win the JUPITER NFT!
Any RomanPunk from #501 to #600 is included in the raffle. Own multiple NFTs, get multiple raffle entries!

The NFT is the Raffle Ticket!

Multiple entries are allowed!

Our one and only Chainlink Jupiter is one of the priceless gems of our RomanPunks collection. Don’t miss your chance to collect him through this Chainlink verified raffle giveaway!



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RomanPunks is a crypto world-building movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic.