WAX ‘Fighter’ Card Pack Whitelist

Get yourself whitelisted prior to the public sale of this anticipated NFT pack.

Introducing the RomanPunks WAX NFT Fighter Pack Series I

Our anticipated RomanPunk WAX fighter trading card pack will have an upcoming limited release on NeftyBlocks.

The cards, in addition to their collectibility, can be utilized in upcoming gladiatorial simulation activities, the first of which begins on November 11th on Twitch.

Pack Contents

Each pack contains 3 RomanPunk WAX NFTs. The packs will be pre-minted and will be randomly distributed according to the following model:

73.74% common
15.49% rare
7.81% epic
2.31% legendary
0.63% mythical

All common, rare and epic NFTs are part of the ‘fighter’ schema, which includes cards of the following types: ‘centurion’, ‘gladiator’, & ‘soldier’. These cards can be used for the ‘Live Gladiatorial Games’ contests streamed on Twitch.

Legendary and mythical NFTs are part of the ‘famous’ schema. These cards will be used for additional gameplay bonuses and provide the bearer with exclusive benefits going forward. More to be announced later.

A sample of RomanPunk fighter NFTs: the Zombie is “Epic” and the Greek is “Common”
A sample of RomanPunk fighter NFTs: the card on the left is “Rare”

Pack Release Details

Packs will be for sale for 30 WAX, and purchases limited to 5 per user.

Limited release buyers entered for raffle to win an additional bonus pack for which the winner will be drawn at random.

Whitelist Requirements

In order to join the whitelist to acquire one of the packs before the full release, complete ONE (1) or more of the following requirements:

I. Own 1 or more Ethereum RomanPunk

Join the Senate! If you possess at least 1 RomanPunk ETH NFT in your wallet, you will be given whitelist access to the drop. Ownership comes with additional privileges and benefits explained in the Discord.

II. Invite 3 or more users to RomanPunks Discord Server

Generate a link to the RomanPunks Discord and have 3 people join and stay on the server. Invites are tracked through the “Invite Tracker” bot.

III. Reach Level 10 on RomanPunks Discord Server

Reach the rank of Equestrian! If you have achieved Level 10 in RomanPunks Discord, you qualify for whitelist access. Users can level up by engaging in the server (tracked through MEE6 bot), but also by completing tasks outlined in the #xp-info channel on RomanPunks Discord.

IV. Be Grandfathered In

If you have already shared your wax address on the ‘wax whitelist’ channel on our Discord prior to November 1st, you are automatically grandfathered in and will have whitelist access to the pack drop.

For all whitelist inquiries, contact Punktavian or our team of Prefects (Mods) on Discord.

Get ready for battle! Will you receive any mythical NFTs in your pack?

Coming Soon…

  • Rewards for owning complete collections
  • Staking rewards for HODLers
  • PIXEL token integration
  • Utility in the metaverse



RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk-derivative world building project run by a woman artist and a history buff.

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RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk-derivative world building project run by a woman artist and a history buff.