WAX NFT Blending on NeftyBlocks

Visit Neftyblocks.com and head to ROMANPUNKSIO to start blending today!

Introducing the RomanPunks WAX Blending System

Combine RomanPunk Trading Card NFTs with Silver, Gold & Platinum Blending Coin NFTs to upgrade your NFT to a rarer one.

Obtaining RomanPunk WAX NFTs

Entry level (Common Civilian) WAX trading card NFTs can be earned by engaging in the Catacombs RPG on RomanPunks Discord or purchased on the secondary market on AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks.

Benefits of Blending

P2E — Since common civilian NFTs and blending coins can be farmed and earned on our Discord for free, blending is an effective way to build your RomanPunks collection through F2P (free to play) P2E (play to earn) activities. You can still purchase NFTs on the marketplace, but this is an accessible way to get started without spending a dime!

The RomanPunks Collection Book on Atomic Hub allows you to see which NFTs you have collected in each set. Completion of sets will provide lucrative future awards including RomanPunk tokens on other blockchains.


A number of blend recipes have been set up to allow for maximum blend flexibility.

Happy BLENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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RomanPunks is a crypto world-building movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic.