RomanPunks Turns It Up to XI

Own a ‘civilian’ RomanPunk from the same ‘race’ as the winning ‘gladiator’ and you can win the Medusa!

Introducing Gladiator Groupies!

The Summer of Gladiators is fun for the fighters, but it can be even more fun for the spectators!

“Because a gladiator match without spectators is just a battlefield.” — Emperor Punktavian

Now that nearly all 128 fighting NFTs have been sold in anticipation of the second round of the Summer of Gladiators tournament, the imperial council has ordered that the massive giveaway contest expand to encourage new and existing collectors to add RomanPunk NFTs from the civilian classes to their wallets (i.e. patricians, equestrians, plebeians, peregrinae, slaves, servant women, freedmen).

“TYPE” and “RACE” are the two properties that are important to note in this giveaway contest

Any fighter whose owner also has in their wallet a civilian (any TYPE that is NOT soldier, centurion or gladiator) from the same RACE as their fighting contestant receives a +1 dice power increase, for a maximum of 10 dice (all dice are 6 sided).

Only 1 civilian is needed, and they can be reused, but not stacked.

A few small number of fighters (i.e. #251 & #360) have a +4 bonus rating by virtue of their other property bonuses, and don’t require a ‘groupie’ in order to get their max 10d6.

All 3 of these RomanPunks are “Cappadocian”. Owning the Plebeian Lady on the right and one of the fighters will give your fighter a +1 dice bonus

If you own a civilian from the same race as one of the top 3 winners of the Summer of Gladiators tournament genesis round, that NFT will be your ticket to enter into a RAFFLE giveaway with only other civilians from that race.

Note: Raffle winners must be on Discord to interact with the giveaway bot to receive their prize in the respective ‘race’ channel. This discourages flippers and rewards community members. Use of a giveaway bot also ensure the impartiality of the prize awarding process.

Each individual civilian NFT you own qualifies as a separate raffle entry in the contest.

Similar to the prizes for the Summer of Gladiators Genesis Tournament winners, one randomly drawn civilian ‘groupie’ NFT will win:

First Prize: One civilian NFT from the same ‘race’ as the first prize “Summer of Gladiators” winner will win Medusa valued at 3ETH.

Medusa is the biggest groupie of them all

Second Prize: Spin the Emperor Wheel to win a 1ETH Emperor

Spin the Emperor Wheel. Win an Emperor. Maybe You’ll Get Emperor Aurelian?

Third Prize: Spin the Ape Wheel to win a 0.1ETH Ape

Spin the Ape Wheel. Win an Ape, Maybe Him?

Exclusive Discord channels have be created for the different ‘races’ so owners can interact with owners and qualify for special airdrops and giveaways from the Emperor/ess.

Airdrops for bonus WAXP and other cryptocurrencies regularly occur in channels as a way to award RomanPunk NFT collectors/supporters/investors


For Round 2 of the Summer of Gladiators (Genesis) Tournament

From July 6th 2021 until the end of the tournament. Refer to the tournament bracket on Challonge for more details.

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I have a fighter from a race, but there are no civilians available. Are you releasing more civilians?

Yes, we will be dropping dozens more over the coming weeks that pair with the remaining 64 fighters; moreover, there are already over 100 civilians minted in our collection that have not been dropped that are in the 0.02–0.04 price range. Explore the collection and anticipate the drops. Join Discord to get insider information on upcoming drops.

I have a civilian but there are no fighters from the same race. Are you releasing more fighters?

Not until next tournament, which will be in the fall. Before then, there will indubitably be an influx of new gladiators, soldiers and centurions from every race.

Do you have a list of all the races for reference?

Not yet, but it is a great suggestion and we will work on providing that information.

There are so many Romans and only a few Lusitanians (for example); how is it balanced?

The distribution of races reflects the nature of the RomanPunks project, so naturally one encounters a plurality of “Roman” characters over some of the other races. Nevertheless, owing a Roman character means a lower chance to win the raffle, but a greater chance to actually get to it in the first place. And, it will be much easier for a Roman fighter to find a ‘groupie’, to get the +1, because there are simply more of them.

While having a “Lusitanian”, or a “Phrygian”, for example, would drastically increase your odds of winning the raffle, the likelihood of getting there in the first place is slimmer. Those pieces will also be harder to acquire, because of their scarcity.

What about the aliens, vampires, zombies, apes and animals — do they count as races too just like ‘Roman’, for example?

Aliens, vampires, zombies and apes will benefit in the same fashion that humans do. However, animals are all unique pieces, so they are exempt from the +1 dice bonus; and if an animal wins the prize, the raffle will be redistributed to the entire Discord community at large.

What happens if a gladiator who wins has no fans?

This is possible, in the case of the tiger, ‘Sith’, or ‘Shadow’, or others, in which case the prize is redistributed to all collectors (Senators +1)

RomanPunks is a crypto world-building movement inspired by fine art, history and the cyberpunk aesthetic.