Introducing Gladiator Season III

4 min readJan 8, 2022

RomanPunks “Colosseum Clash” Gladiator Twitch Streams Continue …

Season II is ending soon, and Season III of Colosseum Clash begins. This article is to announce the awards for both seasons as well as some changes to the gameplay in Season III… but first, make sure you’re subscribed to our Twitch channel:

Season III Battle Formats

The ‘barracks brawl’, ‘arena duel’, ‘century battle’ and ‘royal rumble’ are being dropped and replace by a new selection system that groups fighters based on their powers (similar to ‘weight class’ in boxing) followed by a ‘battle royale’ chosen from all fighters in the collection.

Battle 1: Lightweights

1 on 1 match — chosen from all fighter NFTs with attack value of 6

Battle 2: Welterweights

1 on 1 match — chosen from all fighter NFTs with attack value of 7

Battle 3: Middleweights

1 on 1 match — chosen from all fighter NFTs with attack value of 8

Battle 4: Heavyweights

1 on 1 match — chosen from all fighter NFTs with strength of 9 & 10

Battle 5: Battle Royale

4 on 4 match — chosen from all fighter NFTs

Special: Pitched Battle

Users will be able to pre-register their NFTs and conduct ‘pitched battles’ with teams

Stay tuned for a separate post about the details of how the pitched battles will be conducted and which separate prizes will be awarded for them.


Season II was held for 2 months (3 sessions per week, 24 sessions total).

Season III will begin on January 22nd and will be held over 40 sessions, at least 3 days a week but up to 5 days a week. Stream times will vary to provide more access to users in different time zones.


See the charts below that details which prizes everyone who participates in the gladiator tournaments receive.

Season I Prizes

The Summer of Gladiator was held June-Aug 2021. See here for details on the prizes from that tournament.

Season II Prizes

Daily prizes included WAX Fighter Packs and civilian NFTs for the winners of each battle type per stream.

End of contest prizes for Colosseum Clash Gladiator Tournament Season II are listed below for each of the battle types. The Royal Rumble is the final battle for each day, so it is considered the main contest.

Prizes for Season II of the Colosseum Clash Gladiator Tournament

The top 3 players with the most wins from each category will walk away with prizes. As for the players who win the most times in the royal rumble(ETH Winners win on the basis of their NFT ownership, WAX Winners win by participating in the Twitch chat), an ETH RomanPunk will be chosen at random from a select pool using the wheel and airdropped accordingly.

Players will be able to select which Legendary, Epic or Rare NFTs from the RomanPunks collection they would like to receive.

All WAX players in the top 10 will also be awarded a consolation NFT.

Season III Prizes

The play style for Season III is changing (per description above), so the prizes have been adjusted to reflect the change to battle format.

Daily prizes will continue to be awarded: civilian NFTs and fighter packs will be distributed at the end of each stream.

Prizes for Season III of the Colosseum Clash Gladiator Tournament

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RomanPunks is a retrofuturistic, cyberpunk-derivative world building project run by a woman artist and a history buff.